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Nurses and Their Station
Nurses do have different kinds of job that are categorized according to their job and their working place. Their responsibilities are very wide in terms of health care; they are usually responsible in care, recovery, medical examination, diagnosis, safety, an assistant in a medical operation,
Most the nurse are located on a hospital, they usually provide nursing care and are under supervision of a medical doctors or head nurse. Their works depends on the authorization and command of the doctors and heads. On a hospital there are categorized according to the departments they are specialized to work to. Some various departments where they usually work are maternity, ICU, surgical,, oncology and emergency nurses. But most of the nurses are skilled to do all this task according the schedule and the rotation of works.

Indeed, having a lot of task that need to do, other nurse specialize a certain task and does well on a specific job. But of course high breed nurse that knows different task are usually have high salary than those nurses who doesn't have enough experience in doing different type of nursing task.

One good task of a nurse is being an office nurse; they are usually stationed on a clinic or health center of public places. Their job is to attend the communities' need and educate group of people about having a healthy body and how to take good care of their family.

For a home nurse, they are those nurses that are the one who is responsible to those home based patients that need basic medical attention and care. Most of these nurses are from private companies that offer nursing job on individuals or companies. Nursing agencies are the number one nurse provider to these individuals and private companies.

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