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What Makes Dome Security Cameras a High-end Product

Having a video security system in place certainly does not ensure that you, your family, and your assets are perfectly safe. Do you think I have gone out of my mind? Well, you can be forgiven for that. We all have a tendency to blindly place our trust in technology. But we should not forget that it is man who develops all technology. So, human mind is far superior to any technology and when he decides to put it to wrong use, not much can stand in the way.

Ordinary video cameras can only survey the area they are pointing to and hence can be easily avoided. Now you will definitely be able relate to my earlier statement. But before you think that security cameras are a lost cause, let me introduce you to dome security cameras. The most important feature of these cameras is that they can rotate and hence cover a wide area. Many of these cameras swivel on two axes, but high-end models may even have a third one, which expands the coverage. So, unless and until someone is quite close to the camera, it is difficult to judge, which way it is facing. The uncertainty is sure to ward off criminals. These weatherproof CCTV dome security cameras can be safely mounted on exterior walls.

Among different types of dome security cameras, color dome security cameras are preferred to black and white ones. IR dome security cameras, also known as night vision cameras, will help you keep a tab on completely dark areas as well. With IP dome security cameras, you can easily watch from a remote location. You will be impressed to know that remote here means even miles away. In addition to their high-end features, these dome security cameras are designed in such a way that they blend in to their surroundings.

We shall discuss the different types of dome security cameras in my future blogs.

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