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The Secret To Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos
Tattoos are becoming very popular these days as more and more people decide to decorate their bodies for reasons like, culture, special meaning or to cover scars. Before you adorn your body with a tattoo it's advisable to find a design you like and then put it on a wall at home where you will see it everyday. If after 2 months you still like the design go ahead and get it inked on your skin. I have some that I don't like anymore, so be careful with the design.
My favorite designs are butterfly tattoos and I have found some really beautiful ones which I have stored away to be done at a latter date. Butterflies are really beautiful and you get them done is amazing colors, designs and sizes. It's a good idea to go to your local parlor to check out the designs they have and while there ask some questions, check out the prices and ask other questions you may have. You can also ask around about the tattooist as you will find many people who have a favorite they like to visit for getting their tattoos done.

A lot of people spend time looking on the internet for designs however I like to visit tattoo parlors. Most tattoo artist will have a portfolio of their works and in these books you will find some real treasures. I have gotten most my butterfly tattoo designs from out these books. While you're at the parlor check out the artist at work and listen to what people being tattooed are saying. Many tattoo artists are different, as is their style and techniques so look around and check them out.

If you do go on the internet do a search for tattoo artist in your area and you will often find reviews for them. This is a great way to get any information you forgot to check out when you were at the parlor. You may find sites that feature tattoo shows which is good for finding artists, what's hot and unique designs.

The last thing to do is visit the parlor where you are going for your tattoo. You will need to check the place out. Look around for cleanliness; check the floors, benches, other surfaces, equipment, hands, seats, tables etc. Observe what is going on; is there people eating, chewing, smoking or do anything not appropriate for a clean environment.

Now check out the artist tattooing. Are they using safe practices? Does the equipment look clean, what procedure does he go through before a new client, what does he do to the equipment he is using? What sterilization is he using? What does he do with the needle? What does he do to the tattoo gun? Check it all out and ask about the sterilization method.

Once your 100% sure that everything checks out then you can decide on when you're getting the tattoo done. These are the things I do before I go and have my butterfly tattoos done. I also like to make sure the artist has butterfly designs in his portfolio so I know he likes butterflies before he starts working on my design.

Oh and one more thing please wait till your 18 to have your tattoo done.

Category: Arts | Added by: hamza (2009-01-15)
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