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Role of Latin Music in the World of Entertainment in 2009
Do you know that 2004 is the year when the craze for Latin Music could be observed world wide for the first time? Within a short span of 4 to 5 years it has won the heart of music lovers across the world and now it is going to play a crucial role in the entertainment line up of 2009. Various musical troupes, bands and artists have come with the promise of celebrating New Year with grandeur.

The Blind River Entertainment Series

The whole of Latin America will come to life with the enchanting sound of music. Music will fill the hills surrounding the Blind River. The Blind River Entertainment Series comes with the commitment to bring different art forms to the community. The aim of BRES is to promote art in every corner of the society.

About BRES Fund

BRES is going to organize a number of shows throughout the year. The annual budget of BRES for organizing these shows is about $34,000. Most of the budget will be spent on the fees of the artists. A huge part of the fund will be raised from the grant from Ontario Arts Council.

Department of Canadian Heritage is also going to donate a big amount. BRES also has other sources. Another part of the finance will come from the fund donated by The Standard. BRES will be also supported by Cameco's Blind River uranium refinery.

Tickets of the Shows

BRES hope that the rest of the fund will come from the tickets to be sold. The costs for adults' tickets is $100 and the costs for students' tickets is $75. If anyone wants to subscribe for the series he/she will get 25% off each show which means that he/she can attend a show for free.

The Five Shows

The series of shows the BRES is going to organize include:

• True North Brass • The Compadres • Cadence • The Wild Turkeys • Canadian Guitar Quartet

True North Brass

The first of all five shows is True North Brass. It is going to be held on 18th January at the Alain Bray Auditorium. According to Chris Clark, the committee member of BRES this show will be "exceptionally good". She said that this group will perform their own compositions. They are also going to present some Canadian folk tunes. The marriage of five brass instruments and acoustics is sure to leave the audience spell bound.

The Compadres

True North Brass will be followed by The Compadres on 28th February, 2009. People had been mesmerized by their duet performance of James Keelaghan and Oscar Lopez at the Northern Lights Festival that took place in Sudbury. And now they are coming together after 10 years at The Compadres. Their music will be a fine blend of Celtic and Latin influences.


The next show in the list is Cadence that is going to be held on 9th May. They are described as "four men". Each of them possesses a very unique tonal quality. In fact Clark says that "their voices represent instruments". The audience can expect classical music, jazz, pop and doo-wop music from them. Cadence performs for children and schools as well.

The Wild Turkeys

The next group that will gift you a rocking evening is The Wild Turkeys. The stage will be honored by the presence of the four great artists of the group. The Wild Turkeys is a local group (from Sault Ste. Marie, from Goulais) who will perform on 26th September, 2009 during the Thanksgiving season.

Canadian Guitar Quartet

The last but not the least in this series is a performance by the Canadian Guitar Quartet on 17th October, 2009. The members gathered from different part of Canada to form this group. They have performed across the continent including South America. One of the most renowned members of this group is Philip Candelaria. He used to play guitar in Blind River many years back. They are sure to win the heart of the audience with their classical guitar melodies.

Latin Music will rock the world this year.

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